YOROKOBI ART Art Cafe – with the aim of combining art and café. We create a place for everyone to work out their fascinating artworks and creations. And a place for people to meet up with relaxed atmosphere, serving beverages & light desserts.


We provide art workshop, activities, classes, teambuilding & parties arrangement, giving interested individuals or groups a comfortable place where art can be expressed with unlimited ideas. Together with our Art Jamming Session, now you can drop by anytime to creates your very own art piece and bring back your creation. Here, you can fully express your creativity and imaginations by kinds of techniques to develop your creative skills. We encourage people to participate on arts creations yet hidden talents could be discovered in anytime.


At the other side of our café, comes with relaxed atmosphere, served with coffee, beverages & cakes to energized your day. Students and parents can enjoy their day after or before the session for a peace of mind. 

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