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ArtJam For Children

Thank you for expressing interest in Yorokobi's artjam session for your kids. We welcome children to join and have a fun art experience. However, before proceeding with the booking, we would like to provide some important information for you to consider:

ArtJam is not an art class: Please note that our session is not focused on teaching specific art skills. It is primarily a fun and creative experience rather than a structured learning environment. Therefore, children may not be able to learn extensive art skills within a single session.

parents & kids doing painting
Parenting art

Limited guidance: Our art assistant will provide basic guidance during the session. However, please understand that their attention may be divided among other customers who may be joining at the same time. We will do our best to assist your child, but please be aware that individual attention may be limited.

Children below 8 years old: For children below 8 years old, we kindly request that parents accompany their child during the session or share a canvas with them. This is to create a more engaging experience for both the child and the parent.

Embrace imperfection: ArtJam painting is a new experience for many children, and it is important not to expect perfection from their artwork. Avoid pressuring them to paint exceptionally well. Instead, encourage them to enjoy the process and understand that practice leads to improvement.

Faster painting pace: Children, especially those below 8 years old, often paint at a faster pace than adults. Although customers are given a maximum of 3 hours for painting, please expect that children may finish their artwork more quickly. This is normal and does not reflect the quality or value of their work.

Enjoyment comes first: Above all, our primary focus is on ensuring that both adults and kids have an enjoyable time during the artjam session. We aim to create a positive and fun atmosphere for everyone involved.

kids birthday party

Great, I'd love to make a reservation.

Sounds good but let me think about it.

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