Our Philosophy

Adult or children are encouraged to express their ideas at all times in order to build up their self-confidence, even if the ideas might sound crazy. Because WHO KNOWS? Many great ideas come from just a tiny crazy spark...

I Have Confidence In Me

Art Finds The Way

I Love Art

Here at Yorokobi Art, you have the opportunity to experience not just one way but many ways of being creative and also develop various skills through the learning process.

Drawing is easy but appreciating what you or others have done is a higher order skill. At Yorokobi, we learn not only art but to appreciate art itself.

At Yorokobi Art, artwork is neither scored nor graded because we believe that each and every piece is a unique and incomparable creation.

It’s Not About Getting An ‘A’

Our Direction

Here at YOROKOBI ART, we strongly believe that only without strict rules and rigid techniques can you express your creativity and experience art. True art should never be graded or have its originality questioned. Each work of art is an expression of the creator’s self and provides us with an insight into his/her universe. When it comes to art, participation and appreciation are all we need to get encouraged.