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The Story of Yorokobi Art

Yorokobi Art, inspired by the Japanese word 'Yorokobi,' which translates to happiness, was established in 2011 by our Co-Founder and Art Director, Michael Chong. Michael, with a background in graphic design, has also immersed himself in various forms of art, including batik, pottery, mural art, music composition, and even performance art. Having worked in the advertising field for over 12 years, his lifelong dream was to create a studio where everyone could tap into their inner artist. In 2014, he took a bold step outside his comfort zone to introduce Yorokobi Art to the public, marking the beginning of this incredible journey.

Michael Chong from Yorokobi Art
Yorokobi Art's 1st studio in 2014

In 2011, Michael initiated Yorokobi Art as a home-based children's art class, initially serving kids from the nearby neighborhood part-time. However, he envisioned a broader scope for Yorokobi, and in 2014, he established the very first Yorokobi Art Studio in Damansara Perdana.

Primarily focused on children's art, parties, and events with only a handful of adult sessions in this studio, Michael gradually built his profile, earned a reputation, and embarked on a more significant endeavor — promoting art to adults through art jamming sessions.

As the years have passed, Yorokobi Art has evolved into one of the most highly reviewed art jamming studios in Kuala Lumpur. Since relocating to Sri Petaling, the studio has expanded to include its very own cafe, enhancing the overall experience for every participant. We welcome people from all walks of life every day, encouraging them to embark on their own artistic journeys here.

Team- building group photo
Yorokobi Art's teacher and an Artjam customer are taking a photo together
friends gathering artjam session
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