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Friends gathered in yorokobi art's session

Paint your day with the vibrant hues of joy

Welcome to Yorokobi Art's ArtJamming session. Our mission is to provide a unique painting experience and expertise that you won't find anywhere else. We aim to create fun and memorable moments for everyone, allowing them to take home a one-of-a-kind masterpiece of their own.

What is ArtJam? ArtJam is all about gathering people for informal painting sessions, with no prior preparation required. You don't need any prior experience to join us, so let go of the misconception that this is just an art class for professionals. It's not. We encourage you to embrace your true self, without worrying about right or wrong. Accept your own artistic style, and with guidance from our studio artists, you'll be amazed at what you can create, from starting at zero to reaching Picasso-level creativity.

Don’t Just Take It From Us⏤See What Our Customers Say

Ashely Lam (Google Review)

I had an incredible time at the art jamming class last Sunday. The cozy atmosphere immediately put me at ease, and the delicious Green Tea Latte was a delightful bonus. The teacher's friendly and humorous approach made the experience even more enjoyable—whether you were a beginner or an experienced artist, their guidance felt natural and encouraging.

Melody Ong (Google Review)

Had a lot of fun ! Teacher was there the whole way to help in case we got stuck and even helped to touch up our art works at the end :) Highly recommend this place for a fun time w ur friends and fam :)) p.s. thanks for the donut !!

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Most of your photos show adults.
Is ArtJam okay for kids?

We absolutely love having children join us for a fantastic art-filled time. But before you make your booking, there are a few essential details we'd like to share with you...

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